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The Company Behind The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, Donates $240,000 To Ukraine Relief

CD Projekt, the developers behind CyberPunk 2077, make a generous donation to Polish Humanitarian Action, a charity supporting relief to Ukrainian victims.

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Jack Dorsey Sells His First Tweet for $2.9 Million and Donates it to GiveDirectly

Jack Dorsey sells his tweet as an NFT for a whopping $2.9 million. The tweet, which reads, “just setting up my twttr”, was posted on March 1, 2006, where it all began, over 15 years ago. Dorsey chose to auction his tweet on the NFT platform “Valuables”, backed by a blockchain-based social media application by Cent. 

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World Wide Web Sold As NFT For $5.4 Million and donated to World Wide Web Foundation

Back in 1989, Tim Berners-Lee was hard at work coding the World Wide Web, basically inventing the internet. Did he know how much it would impact the world? Probably not. Did he even know what an NFT is? Also, probably not.

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3 Ways Virtual Reality Is Used For Charity

Virtual reality (VR) is an amazing opportunity to use tech for good. Many charities and foundations have leaped at the opportunity to advance their impact in the world. VR games and experiences have a chance to change the way we view the world and help out those in need.

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A Paralysed Man Walks Again Thanks To New Technology

Michel Roccati became paralyzed from the waist down in 2017 after being involved in a severe motorbike accident. Today he walks again. “It was a very emotional experience,” Roccati recalled. This is the first paralysed man to have had such success in being able to fully walk again considering his entire spinal cord was completely broken.

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