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The Company Behind The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, Donates $240,000 To Ukraine Relief

CD Projekt, the developers behind CyberPunk 2077, make a generous donation to Polish Humanitarian Action, a charity supporting relief to Ukrainian victims.

Humanitarian Aid

What Is The Best Way To Donate During A Crisis?

At the beginning of a crisis, everyone is eager to donate. But more often than not, the worst effects or results of it are usually weeks, months or even years after the dust settles. Commonly, it is the aftermath of a disaster that needs the most of our attention, humanitarian aid charities often see a huge spike in donations when the crisis starts and as it develops, less and less is given.

Humanitarian Aid
How You Can Support The People Of Ukraine

Altruisto has compiled a list of initiatives where you can donate to help the people of Ukraine during this attack by the Russian army. 

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