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The progress humanity made in the last 200 years

Think the world is getting worse? Think again! The surprising truth about how far we’ve come…

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Child Mortality Plummets!

The percentage of children that died in the first five years of their lives:

1800: 43 ouf of 100 children die before their 5th birthday.
Today: 4 out of 100 do.

Life Expectancy Skyrockets!

The life expectancy of the average person in the United Kingdom:

1803: You could expect to live 40 years.
Today: You'll likely live around 81.5 years.

Extreme Poverty is... Extremely Down!

The percentage of people in the world that are living in extreme poverty:

1820: 95% of people live in extreme poverty.
Today: Under 10% do.

Literacy on the Rise!

Out of every hundred people, on average how many can read:

1800: 12 ouf of 100 could read.
Today: 85 out of 100 can.

But we still face many challenges...

17,000 children die each day because of conditions of poverty.

Source: Unicef

Over 1,000 people die each day because of malaria.

Source: World Health Organisation

844 million people lack basic access to drinking water.

Source: World Health Organisation

Experts estimate that there is an almost 1 in 5 chance of humanity's extinction before 2100 due to global catastrophic risks

Source: Oxford University Future of Humanity Institute

Roughly 11 billion animals are raised and slaughtered under extreme suffering in factory farms each year in the US alone

Source: Humane Society

...and YOU have the power to help

Today it's easier than ever to have a meaningful, positive impact, due to technological progress and our global reach.

For example:

  • treating one child from schistosomiasis, the most deadly neglected tropical disease, costs about $1
  • protecting two people from malaria by distributing bed nets costs approximately $5
  • providing food-based micronutrient fortification for 1 person for 1 year costs only 53 cents
  • protecting a child from worm infection costs only 50 cents per year

Here's what you can do today:

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