About us

Altruisto.com is a social project which goal is to provide a way of doing on-line shopping that has a huge positive impact on the World.

We want to provide a way for YOU to make significant difference

Maybe you will not save the planet like a superhero from a comic book, but you definitely can change lives of several people a year just by using our chrome extension. If you spend $100 per month in our partners' stores, after a year you will generate about $57, which is enough to: 1) provide for 11 bednets protecting people from malaria [source] or 2) provide anti-parasite medicines for 47 children [source] or 3) provide for 3 months of living for 1 person in extreme poverty [source]. That is a real difference.

We want to support causes that matter the most

There a thousands of charities. Some of them are great. Some of them - not so much. Because of that we donate the funds only to charities which are EXCEPTIONAL. As you can read above, they can do a lot with even small amount of money.

We want more wealth equality

The wealth is distributed much more unequally than most people think. The richest 20% of people has more than people think they have (or think they should have) and the poorest 20% has less than what people think they have (or should have). You can learn more about this from a great TED presentation made by Dan Ariely.

Altruisto.com is an initiative that addresses this problem. We help "the average person" to save money by finding discounts for products they purchase on-line, and also we help fight extreme poverty by donating money to charities with high impact.